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One Sunday, 3 News

2016-10-09 11:23:33 by grandbrinus

Hello gamers,

New picture of our next game Frantic Dream Again, we continue to add scenery objects like this sweet provider or this toaster !
Of course we will add more and more of them there (in fact, the toaster is a portal :D ) !

Frantic Dream Again

Other news : we are 42 here on Facebook ! And everyone know this number is a big symbol for us ! So to celebrate it, i worked alone on a tiny secret game ;) You can see the main menu.

42 Square

Do you know what it can be ?

Thanks to everyone to follow us everyday.
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Hello gamers !
Today we will show you a little video about the development of our next game Frantic Dream Again. This time we demonstrate the hero moves and the flying environment feeling.
Tell us in comment what do you think !

Video here :

Have a nice Sunday ;)

Hey everyone !

I added an announce about a Contest for our next game Frantic Dream Again !
You can win an access to the game one week before its public release !
I hope you have a great imagination.

Check it here :

Thanks for reading !

Sunday Off #10

2016-04-24 12:48:35 by grandbrinus

Hello gamers !
One week after the release of Waltir's Eye, we just got 1000 plays ! We are very proud of it :)
But we won't sleep on our success, we already started an other game, with graphics :D and an awesome concept... but shhh you will know it next week.
Have a nice day everyone ! And see you next Sunday for an other Sunday Off !
Peace :)

Pst : keep in touch, we are preparing a surprise, but even us don't know when we will publish it so... be aware :p

Hello gamers !


My new hardcore game Waltir's Eye is here, on Newgrounds.

Click and play NOW :D

Enjoy !

Hello gamers !
Today it's a sad day : it is the last post about Waltir's Eye development...
In fact, it's because the game is finished !
Our testers will test and report bugs, we will correct everything and see if the game is really too hardcore... or not :D
We are very close to the end !
So tell to your friends the game is coming. Next Sunday, Waltir's Eye will be published on alot of websites (Newgrounds, Kongregate, GameJolt, Scirra) and on our website so stay tuned !
Have a nice Sunday and see you next week for the release of Waltir's Eye !
Peace !

Sunday off #7 - Game goodies

2016-04-03 09:58:04 by grandbrinus

Hello gamers !
Waltir's Eye is coming soon, so i wanted to remind you that you can still get goodies around the game for showing support and making us always improving our work here. It's a little gift you can buy that will help us to reduce our expenses.

So don't forget to take a look at our Patreon page :

If you can't get these goodies, share the link to someone who can buy them for you émoticône grin

Have a nice Sunday and see you next week for an other Sunday Off !
Pease !


You can see some of them here

Sunday off #6 - Game preview

2016-03-27 11:46:53 by grandbrinus

Hello gamers !
After working hard on our next game Waltir's Eye, it's time to show you what it will looks like !
A short video to let you know the dark and mecanic ambient of the game !
Have a nice Sunday !
We will see you next sunday for an other Sunday Off !
Peace !

Sunday Off #5

2016-03-27 11:40:46 by grandbrinus

Hello gamers !

Today we will see what will happen to you ! Levels of hell, crazy lasers and other things will be revealed to you today !
I let you guess what are every symbol on the drafts.

Watch drafts here :

Also, we reached 50% of the game development, so the Beta testing will start soon !
Have a nice Sunday and see you next week !

Sunday Off #4 - Game trailer

2016-03-13 13:34:03 by grandbrinus

Sunday Off #4
Hello gamers !
Today, big news émoticône wink

Our next game Waltir's Eye is coming and to announce it, we have made a trailer you can watch right here :

Nothing less, nothing more émoticône grin

Tell us your impatience to see it coming out !
We are very impatient too !
Don't forget to share it after watching émoticône tongue

Have a nice Sunday, see you next week for an other Sunday Off !