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Infokub Arcade make cool and hard games since 2013. We are not affraid to challenge players in offering conceptual games, with interesting universes and hardcore levels. We love to feel proud when we achieve a hard task, we want you to feel the same.

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grandbrinus's News

Posted by grandbrinus - March 6th, 2016

Sunday Off #3
Hello gamers !
Today we have tons of things to tell you !

1 - 2K people, seriously ?
Thanks to everyone who support us, our game Daily Routine has reached 2K views on Newgrounds ! It's really amazing émoticône grin

2 - For your cute eyes
Our wonderful graphist Roxanne Girard (Red Roxxx) has changed our old logo to a new and fresh one ! I hope you like it ! Tell us in comments what do you think.

3 - Broken eggs
Our mobile game ProtEGGtion is finished. But to publish it, it's not so easy ! We need a little more time before letting you play it on mobile devices BUT we have a good surprise for you ! It's available as web game !

(it will come soon on Newgrounds)
I hope you will be good and submit big scores !

It's already the end.
Don't forget to share this news, it's the most important. Like us, comment to show us you are with us. And for those who want goodies, you can still get them on our Patreon page !

Have a good Sunday, see you next week for some news about Waltir's Eye !


Posted by grandbrinus - February 28th, 2016

Sunday Off #2
Hello gamers,
How is going your Sunday ?
Today we had the choice between a banana, a new mobile game and an other thing to tell you. The banana wasnt able to be scanned by our BioScan X17-Ultra55+ so it was impossible to do anything with it. The mobile game is finished, but it takes just so long time to publish it so we can't say anything on it for now. But we will, later ;)

So what will be the topic of today ?
Our Patreon page !

But what is Patreon ?
Patreon is a website where you can help projects to live in paying the amount you want and get super goodies ! It will help us to pay our website host, workers, and any other thing which isn't free. So thanks to you we will be able to continue to do our work and offer you awesome games !
For every games you can pay for a collector with some nice stuff about the game we are preparing.

So for everyone who wants to help, you can get Waltir's Eye collectors. And for the others who can't buy them, you can still help in sharing this news, our Facebook page, our Patreon page and our games. It has its importance too, and it motivate us to continue this adventure !

I hope these goodies will please you, comment to tell us what you think !

Have a nice day and see you next Sunday !
Peace :)

Posted by grandbrinus - February 21st, 2016

Sunday Off #1
Hi gamers,
Good news, today we start again the publishing of nice contents about our fresh games. You can plan it, it's every Sunday, every week. In these publications we will show you how we make our games and let you download extra content for free !

This first Sunday, we announce our next game : Waltir's Eye. It's a conceptual game where you play without seeing anything. Nothing is shown on screen, you will have to listen your environment to move.
How can be this game without music ? It's exactly the extra content of today ! You can download freely and legally the awesome soundtrack written by our super composer Antoine LERICHE (Shoan Black)

It's here :

Now don't forget to share, like and comment, we love that <3
See you next Sunday for an other Sunday Off !

Bye !

Posted by grandbrinus - February 20th, 2016

Hello gamers !

While Daily Routine slowly reach 2.000 plays, we launch a cool weekly news.

It will be published on our Facebook page and here on newgrounds. This news will be about the games we are working on and you will get some free goodies in each publication.

So stay tuned and see you tomorrow for our first Sunday together !

Peace ;)

Posted by grandbrinus - February 9th, 2016

Hello gamers !


After a day and a half we already reached 1.000 views on our last game Daily Routine.

So thank you everyone !

Please if you like our games, don't forget to heart us, so you will always know when we publish new games.

It's important for us to see how big is our community ;)

See you this weekend for a mobile game about eggs and agility, and next month for a new experimental game.

Peace !

Posted by grandbrinus - September 23rd, 2015

Hello people !

After 3 weeks of playing, we are 583/2725

It means that we are in the first quarter of the results (22% from the top) ! It's awesome, i was wishing to be in the first half, i'm pretty over it ! All the team is really proud so : thanks for everyone for supporting us !

See you... really soon because next month, we will publish our first game of 2015 without any contest ! I hope you will like it !

And for those who still don't have played the game, you can still go here :


Peace :)

Posted by grandbrinus - August 26th, 2015

Hello everyone !

Some days ago was the end of the Ludum Dare !

So i'm proud and glad to announce that we have an entry playable :p !


I hope you will have fun with it ! Don't be shy and comment, it's a big pleasure for us to know what you think, good or bad.

Also, i'll try to be more regular in game publishing. I grow up a team and i'll try to publish one game per month !

Seeya in october for our first game of the year without contest :D


Posted by grandbrinus - June 20th, 2014


First of all, I have to thanks you for making my game featured.

I didn't expect that. When I have submitted "Blinded", it was for winning the Construct2 Game Jam, and you have rendered this objective more awesome than I could imagine.

Now, I have to listen all your great (and sometimes bad) reviews for building an "after jam" version.

I will do this for "Blinded" and for "Frantic Dream", my weird submission for the Nitrome Game Jam.

There will be more levels, littlebluefish, my great artist will draw some new stuff for these games. I will take the time for making them totally awesome !

Stay tuned for knowing when they will be out.

You're awesome.