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Very funny :D

Wow. That was so fun ! Nothing more to say.

Comick responds:

Thanks! Yeah it was just a fun thingy inspired by some awesome music heh

I don't know what to say about this movie. There is no suspens because sounds make us knowing the end when the movie start. But it's cute.

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The music and graphics are good.
But the levels are horrible.
There are not enough cliffs to let me jump and flip.
By the way, there is a little bug, if you keep SPACE pressed, you can't rotate.

And the speed feeling is really poor. I feel like if i was in a kiddy car. Things can be better.

This game can be interesting but it's not clean.
Where is the tutorial to explain the controls ? Why my ship is leaving the center when i press Start ? Why the score is in the middle of the screen ? Why i can change the color with a strange interface on the left ? Why do i have to ask myself these questions ?

You have a concept, now you should work on how you show things, don't put elements randomly on the screen.
Make a clean and clear interface with things at the right place, score and high-score are commonly at the top of the screen. When the game starts, add a little tutorial to explain where to click. Add a second button "Change color" and make it directly changing the ship color, we don't need a "ship-validator" button (unclear) for that.

Having a concept is a good start, but it's not enough to make a good game. Having a clear interface to make things easy for the player is as important as the fun your concept will deliver.
Keep working and things should be great.

xXJOKRXx responds:

Thanks for your feedback. I'll add a tutorial and improve the interface in the next update.

The game is okay.
Having a little tutorial would be a little better because at first i really believed i had to randomly pop the bubbles.
It can be an interesting game on mobile.

If you keep the mouse button pressed, the bubbles explode when the mouse cursor touch them. I think it's a bug.

orangecity responds:

Thanks for giving your feedback!
This game is under development, if you want to test it on Android, use the link:


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this piano sounds really strange.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I know, right? :D

next step, The flight of the Bumblebee.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hahha, I'm not quite there yet. But maybe one day! Thanks for your review :)

Make me reminding some Zelda stuff. It's clearly a cool RPG town music. With hen running in the grass.
Make me reminding Miyazaki films too !
Continue the good work ;)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Yeah, I can hear the resemblance to some Zelda stuff :) I love Joe Hisaishi's (the composer for the Miyazaki films) music!
Thanks a lot :D

I'll respond to your PM a bit later, as I'm in a slight hurry now!

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well done !

ZekiDance responds:

thank you. :)

The plain colors make it lookin a bit strange imo (in particular the neck/chest).
But... after all i love it :D

Nice work ;)

Hey ! This girl kinda looks like you (imo !) but with short hair ! Beautiful, mysterious and standing in a very well made ambient !

The hands looks like enormous, but it fits to the gloabl ambient, i like alot this draw ! Keep it up !

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