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Amazing even if im still bad, 21s !

This game is a "reverse copy" of Phases from Ketchapp.
I dont have any fun playing this, the physic is buggy and having lives don't inspire me very much while i know i will die alot.

This game is really easy.
I finished at least 20 levels at first try, even with the moving balls.
Maybe with more kind of balls it should be more interesting.
I finished the game in 10min.

This game is ok.
The concept is good but going back instead of goin further for choosing the power of the arrow is really disturbing and the game got some bugs (when the 1st and 3rd platforms are at the same leve, you can walk over the gap...)

Music, graphics and animations are good.

It needs a litte more work for gettin a higher vote.

Your game need rhythm !
It's so slow. Actions take so much time !
Graphics are ok and it can be a good game, but with so slow movements you can't have a fast pace reaction and funny play !
Watch films about pirates and see how the fights are shown ;) !

Yay a good horror game. The ambient works very well and i thrilled hard when the monster catched me the first time.
I really like this kind of little games. Good job !

A half start left for the unseemless tiles. This grid is not really beautiful.

very sweet i can't say more

I clearly love that game !
Fun mechanics even if the levels are randomly HARD but it's really cool !

Guys, you seriously roxx. The game is very cool, i love the graphics, the ambient, and the gameplay is really fun and DAMN challenging. I'm a tryhard-er and the level 6 made me mad, the 7 too. The levels are well designed.


It really needs more polishing ! I'm not sure the sounds effects are good. The saw sound looks really poor, the transitions between the levels could be improved instead of having the bear stuck for some seconds ! It needs a little more work but i can't give you less than 5 stars. The game is still really good !

This game is cool. It's easy to play, the randomness is a little unfair sometimes but the gameplay is enjoyable. We always try our best to do a perfect score ! :)

Nice job !

bearmaskstudios responds:

Hey thanks for the feedback :)
I wish you many perfect scores!

Infokub Arcade make cool and hard games since 2013. We are not affraid to challenge players in offering conceptual games, with interesting universes and hardcore levels. We love to feel proud when we achieve a hard task, we want you to feel the same.

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